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SEND Information Report


The Christopher Hatton Primary School SEND information report sets out what we provide for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) throughout their time with us. It explains how we support them on to the next stage of their education. Our inclusion policy gives more detail about our day to day procedures.Camden Local Authority also publishes information for parents and carers on their website:

Camden Local Authority SEND information

  • About specialist services, schools, colleges and organisations that provide support and information for families of children and young people with SEND.

  • Information about the procedures for requesting an assessment for an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (this replaces a statement of special educational needs)

  • Where to go for advice and guidance on SEN and Disability matters

  • About health and care services, e.g.: Mosaic and

If you have any queries about information on this website or comments please contact Camden Local Authority Officers. Their email:


The purpose of our SEND information report is to inform parents and carers about:

  • How we welcome, support and make effective provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – SEND;

  • How we support them in all aspects of school life and remove barriers to achievement;

  • How we work in close partnership with parents/carers and children;

  • How we make effective provision for all of our children with special educational needs and disabilities – SEND.


  • We will keep our SEND information report under review – by asking parents and children what is working well and what they want to improve.

  • The next review date for our SEND information report is October 2019



At Christopher Hatton the deputy head has overall responsibility for provision for children with special needs and disabilities. The role also includes ensuring that there is equality of opportunity and high achievement for children from different groups e.g. children with EAL (English as an additional language) and low-income families; for this reason the role is called the Inclusion Lead and includes the role of SENDCo.

Our most recent OFSTED report was in December 2007 judging us to be outstanding.  An interim assessment in January 2011 indicated that our outstanding performance had been maintained.

In a recent parent survey  a parent of a child with SEND in Y2 said “She loves all of the teachers and she would never miss a day”. Another parent of a child with a statement in Y6 said “I am extremely happy with her progress and this is due to the school’s good  understanding of her as a person”, “Christopher Hatton is more than a school, it is like a family”.

In June 2013 we were awarded  the Camden Award for Inclusion. Neil Smith – SEND and Inclusion and Una McCall – EYFS Consultant said:

  • Children are treated as individuals with different needs, ambitions and interests.

  • Well taught one to one and small group interventions where children practised new skills and made good progress

  • Parents and children told us that Christopher Hatton is a safe and happy school.

  • You should be rightly proud of what Christopher Hatton school achieves for its children, its families and the local community day in day out

 We believe that we continue to maintain this high level of commitment and provision which means that year on year our pupils with SEND make excellent progress.


At Christopher Hatton we believe that a “growth mindset” is one of the best assets a young person can have. This means that we place a high emphasis on learning how to learn and encourage the children to take risks in their learning, set their own challenges, embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and to understand that mastery comes from practice.  We want our pupils to develop their resilience, their resourcefulness and their sense of responsibility.  We want them to feel able to ask questions, evaluate and self- reflect on their own style of learning. They will be able to identify and use the most effective strategies that will enable them to rise to any challenge. As well as a firm foundation in reading, writing and mathematics, they will have a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of the wider curriculum.

Children will be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and able to make informed choices and build positive relationships and understand their role as citizens of the UK and the world.



At Christopher Hatton we welcome difference and diversity – learning from and about diversity strengthens our community. We aim to promote justice, fairness and equality in all areas of school life. We have high expectations of ALL of our children’s social, emotional and academic achievements. We also place a high value on our communication with parents and carers, the first educators of our pupils and as such we welcome them in the classroom for the first 15 minutes of every morning.

We know that the earlier we provide support for children with SEN/D, the more successful they will be and the more able they will be to cope with the challenges and responsibilities of modern life. As soon as we recognise a need we will provide specialist support and resources for children with SEND to be the best possible learner that they can be. Our starting point is to guarantee a whole school approach to making provision for children with SEND: we make sure that all staff members have the knowledge and skills to support all children with SEND in our school.



At Christopher Hatton we pride ourselves on being a learning community and believe that it is important to work with other schools and undertake research to make sure that our knowledge, expertise and skills on SEND issues are up to date. We also share and discuss what is considered to be our best practice with other schools: for example we are active participants in a number of Camden learning hubs. These hubs bring together professionals keen to improve their practice and  develop our pedagogical practice and further professional understanding about teaching and learning. Our staff has been and currently is involved in a wide range of learning:

  • A study of Characteristics of Effective learning in Early Years.

  • NRich Maths project and maths mastery based on the Shanghai maths model

  • Our assistant head is a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in Literacy

  • A study of higher order learning in maths in conjunction with The University of Cambridge

  • We lead on the Camden Oracy Hub which aims to improve pupils’ spoken language

  • We are a “Teach First” school and work with other local schools to provide teacher training in conjunction with The Institute of Education.

  • Our inclusion lead attends the Local Authority SENDCO forum which keeps all schools up to date with national developments and local projects on inclusion.

  • Our teachers and teaching assistants are given opportunities to observe other colleagues and discuss good practice on how to enhance children’s learning as individuals or in groups. (This occurs in school and visiting other schools.)



At Christopher Hatton Primary School we welcome pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, and make every effort to support them. All our classes are fully inclusive and we have high expectations for all our children. We aim to meet the needs of pupils with:

  • Specific learning difficulties

  • Mild learning difficulties

  • Social, emotional and mental health needs

  • Physical disabilities (NB: however, the school does not currently have a lift to allow access to the whole building, only the ground floor is accessible although we would make reasonable adjustments to accommodate a child with a physical disability)

  • Visual and hearing impairments (NB our school is a Victorian building with very high ceilings, it can be a difficult environment for the hearing impaired but we would embrace the use of technology and any other adjustments required to welcome a child with a hearing impairment).

  • Complex health needs

  • Communication difficulties, including autism



We have placed this information here on our website. We have tried to make sure everything is clear and helpful.  You will also find our updated Inclusion Policy on the website and a provision map here. The provision map details all the support we offer at Christopher Hatton.

If you want to talk to a member of staff, we will arrange for a member of staff to meet you and answer your questions: let us know if you need an interpreter or British Sign Language signer – we will do our best to provide this support.



All staff below can be contacted via email:

  • Our Head Teacher Gwen Lee– provides leadership on inclusion and high achievement for all.

  • The Deputy Head Clare McBride is our  inclusion lead (SENDCo) and is the first person to talk to about any SEND questions or concerns, she leads on the day to day operation of our Inclusion policy following guidance from the SEN Code of Practice 2014.

  • Our SEND Governor has responsibility for monitoring and supporting the school on SEN matters on our governing body. Please contact the chair for details.

  • Our School Admin Staff  – Sinem Gullu and Lorraine Harris – can give you copies of our policies but all are available on the school website.

  • Our site Manager – Blue Quinn – ensures that the school is clean and safe and has oversight of site access projects.


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