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Our Curriculum

We have an engaging curriculum that helps all children to succeed in their academic and personal development.

Through our curriculum and teaching practices, we build the knowledge, skills and opportunities to enable pupils to be informed, articulate and empowered.

Our thematic curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure content is relevant and leads to outstanding progress in all subjects.

Carefully structured mathematics teaching based on mastery techniques is embedded across the school. Children develop deep learning within and across maths lessons moving from concretes, to pictorial, to abstract concepts.

We teach a broad, balanced and creative English curriculum focused on achieving excellent standards in oral communication, reading and writing.We teach reading using a range of  strategies, including systematic phonics, in order to produce confident, competent and independent readers.

Specialist teaching in computing, PE and Music enables us to utilise expertise to raise the quality of learning in these subjects.

A skills progression from the EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning to Y6 develops the following areas: critical curiosity, reasoning and reflection, motivation and resilience. These are planned alongside the development of subject skills and knowledge to enable links across learning to be developed.

We have two whole school themes: Environmental issues and character development and identity.. These engage and motivate children providing authentic contexts for learning. The environment topics and Earth Summit provides an opportunity to deploy science, technology, English, arts and maths in a cohesive and meaningful way with children writing passionate speeches, designing environmentally friendly products and making real changes to school policy and personal behaviour.

Opportunities for cultural development are extensive and supported through the schools ‘Entitlement pledge’ all children attend frequent trips to broaden their knowledge and to introduce them to the arts. Our partnership work with external organisations enables children to engage with authentic experiences.

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