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We really enjoy being part of the school life and helping out where we can.

Our Curriculum

Christopher Hatton School Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum is inclusive, meeting the needs of our diverse community and supporting all pupils to achieve the highest standards and a love of learning.

We have designed our curriculum to balance the statutory requirements of the National requirements within a broad, engaging and exciting curriculum that meets the needs and interests of our pupils. Through the experiences provided we aim to equip children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live successfully in an ever changing world. To find out further details about the National Curriculum click here.

We teach through enquiry based themes which are planned to ensure clear progression in knowledge and skills. We have a central focus on developing critical curiosity, reasoning and reflection and motivation and resilience, building from the characteristics of effective learning in the EYFS.

The curriculum is filled with first hand purposeful experiences which enable children to expand their horizons and benefit from the breadth of cultural and enterprise opportunities available in our locality. These give children the chance to take on challenges and delve deeper to extend their expertise.

Preparing future citizens requires a focus on values, citizenship and an understanding of how our society works and the important part each person plays in this. The ‘big ideas’ that overarch the themes make meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and major issues with a local, national and international dimension.

Topic Overviews

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Please click here to see the Christopher Hatton School Assessment Statement  

Visits and Visitors

We take every opportunity to provide enriching learning opportunities, this can include visits to theatres, participation in sports events or performing before an audience. We worked with children and parents to produce our Entitlements Pledge.

As a school community we have agreed that, while at Christopher Hatton every pupil will have the opportunity to:

Hold a position of responsibility

Visit the major museums, galleries and significant places in London

Attend a theatre performance and music concert

Meet people form various careers and professions

Represent the school at a sporting event

Develop an enterprise to support a charity

Have a residential stay and residential week outside London

Take part in a performance

Grow a plant form seed and cook a dish

Celebrate their achievements

At Christopher Hatton we go beyond the core curriculum.  We enrich children's experiences to widen their horizons, encouraging them to make the most of life's opportunities.

Trips and outings

These are a really big part of the children’s curriculum. There is at least one trip per half term, designed to extend children’s learning and make use of our fantastically central location. Parents are usually needed to come too – your child’s teacher may send a letter home prior to a trip asking for volunteers. Sometimes families are asked for a financial contribution towards trips; but many trips are paid for from cake sale money.

Year 5 usually have an overnight trip e.g. to stay on the Golden Hinde, or at a museum – very exciting! Year 6 have a week-long residential trip to Sayers Croft, an outdoor adventure study centre in Surrey ( These trips are looked forward to all year and have an amazing effect on children’s confidence and independence!