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I am really impressed by the very good behaviour of children in the school.


Home learning opportunities may take many forms from reading a book, to going to a library to undertake individual research, or trying out a science challenge. The extent of parental involvement will depend on the age of the child and the type of work. Home work is intended to reinforce and encourage learning and develop independence


It is our school policy to use a multi-sensory approach in teaching, this is reflected in the range of activities given for homework, which will not always be formal exercises and may include games and puzzles, research and speaking and listening activities.


In addition to the activities set by teachers, children in all years are expected to read daily at home either with parents and carers, or independently for more fluent readers. Children are expected to take books home to share and to regularly complete their reading journal


Mathematics homework often involves activities set via the Interactive Resources webpage accessed through the school website. If you have a problem using this please let the class teacher know so that your child can have access to the resources at school.

Children have a weekly maths skills challenge which involves learning number bonds and addition facts in KS1 and multiplication tables and division facts in KS2. Please support your child in preparing for the bronze/silver/gold or platinum challenge.

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Principles (The purposes of homework)

  • To provide opportunities for families and carers to share and enjoy learning opportunities with children
  • To consolidate and re-enforce and develop skills and understanding
  • To encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline to study independently
  • To utilise  resources in the home and environment to extend learning
  • To prepare older children for the requirements of secondary school


Parental Involvement

It is not intended that homework should create anxiety for parents or children.

There are many ways in which everyone can help their children, for example, by

  • Encouraging and supporting them
  • Playing games with them, practising timetables, listening to children read
  • Providing somewhere quiet for children to study away from the T.V and other distractions
  • Providing opportunities for real life experience; talking, shopping, using money, telling the time, cooking, letter writing etc.


If there is a problem over homework we encourage parents to get in touch with the class teacher. Similarly if we have problems we shall contact the parents. We provide workshops for parents to enable them to support their children’s learning


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