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Teachers really care and listen when I need help.


How we learn at Christopher Hatton

Use the link below to watch our film all about how we learn at Christopher Hatton. Featuring interviews with children, parents and staff, this 10 minute film explains the ethos of our school.

What we think about sugar

Year 4 worked with the Royal College of Child Health Practitioners about the effect of sugar of child health. Here is their video:

The Iron Man 2017

Year 3 had an amazing trip to the Camden City Learning Centre. We worked in groups to make a scene for a film telling the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Using iPads, and an app called I Can Animate, we put lots of effort into making the animation as smooth as possible.

Here is the finished film:


Viking Poems 2017

Year 5 spent a fantastic day at the Camden City Learning Centre creating stop motion animation films of our Viking poetry.

You can see the results below! Click a thumbnail image to watch a video.


The Iron Man 2016

Year 3 create their own films telling part of the story of the Iron Man. They used stop motion animation and green screen technology.

Captain Pirate: the Movie 2016

Year 2 worked as a team to create their own pirate film using stop motion animation.

Captain Pirate: the movie

To find out more about the making of this epic, click here.


Sutton Hoo 2016

Year 5 worked as teams to tell the story of the Sutton Hoo helmet using stop motion animation.


Wow London! 2015

Year 4 made an amazing film about our fantastic city! thanks to 1A arts and Holborn Community Association.


Engineers of the Future

Sadie, Lina and Rosalie worked together as a team for a year to make a magnificent crane out of Knex. Check out their video by clicking the picture below:

Sadie, Lina and Rosalie: Future Engineers









Mount Unpleasant

Year 6 worked on a project looking at the Mount Pleasant development. Have a look at their wonderful film which they wrote and produced to share their ideas.

Supported by the Camden Cleaner Air Fund.